About Us… Or About You?

Let’s introduce ourselves and what Accelera is by introducing you. Yes, you.

Accelera was born in an effort to help people who have already some knowledge of WordPress and, either don’t have time or they struggle with all the infoxication that exists nowadays on the Internet.

What do we mean by infoxication? The Internet is full of information and that’s great. However, and unfortunately, there’s a big part of that information that is biased. Biased and complicated to understand. Affiliates who only recommend whoever pays more, repeated and identical information across multiple websites, outdated “facts”, unhelpful tips, and the list could go on and on…

And people like you and our team are hardworking people. We like honesty and hate wasting time. We like things to be said straight-forward, simple and easy. No need for long-winded explanations. However, technicalities and details are also important. Especially when talking about WordPress. So, in the end, it all comes down to balance, professionalism and honesty. Keeping it as simple as possible but without giving up the quality we are all looking for. Does this resonate with you?

Now, back to the first question: who are we and what is Accelera?

In a nutshell, we are a team of hard-working people with different backgrounds: Accelera has been built and works through the skills of software development, project management and software engineering, among other skills that we are lucky to count on within the team, like customer support service. All of it under Gerard’s leadership, computers engineer and founder of Accelera.

Gerard is a WordPress expert and speed optimization specialist from Barcelona. He has more than a decade of experience playing, learning, studying, translating, designing, developing, troubleshooting and optimizing WordPress. And now, helping others to achieve their speed goals with their WordPress sites.

Accelera is basically focused on WordPress Speed Optimization. We are (kind of perfectionists) very fond of efficiency and we like to see that reflected on the WordPress world. We are fully aware that optimal speed in your website means higher ranking in Google, which basically translates in more views. We have been giving assistance to people like you for a while now and we’re so proud to say we have helped more than 200 customers speed up their websites! But this is just the beginning.

Let us take part in your journey too.