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Fast forever

Proactive Optimization

Maintaining the peak performance of a WordPress website is usually an ongoing endeavor, not a one-time task. As websites evolve with new plugins, design changes or updates and are faced with search engine algorithm adjustments, regular optimization becomes extremely important. Our new Proactive Optimization service ensures that your website stays finely tuned month after month. We take care of tasks such as maintaining the databaseDatabase A database is a structured system for storing and managing information. In the context of WordPress, the database stores all site data, such as content, settings, and users. WordPress typically uses MySQL or MariaDB. in good shape, monitoring Core Web Vitals and reacting to Google’s changes, re-optimizing plugins and themes and achieving a level of optimization that no automated tool can match. With our expertise and your own performance consultant, your website’s performance will remain top-notch no matter how it grows and changes.

350 € / month

Complete Speed Optimization

Core Web Vitals continuous tracking

Premium plugins license included

Monthly reports

Full database optimization

Core Web Vitals ongoing improvement

New plugins/themes optimization

Performance consultancy

Features and benefits

Full optimization

Upon purchasing a Proactive Optimization, a performance specialist will do a Complete Speed Optimization and transform your website into a high-performance masterpiece.

Core Web Vitals

We track the evolution of your Core Web Vitals on a daily basis using the official CrUX field data and can thus see what your users are really experiencing. This allows us to take action and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your CWV are always as low as possible.

Licenses included

Our service includes a license for unlimited use of two of the best optimization plugins: Perfmatters and ShortPixel. You don’t have to worry about additional bills.

DB maintenance

To maintain good database performance, we manually check and remove all unused database tables every month, regularly monitor their size and reduce them if possible, and remove unnecessary autoloaded data, among other tasks.

Manual work

Unlike other services or plugins, Accelera’s WordPress experts will take care of the monthly technical dirty-work that cannot be automated. This includes cleaning up the database, reducing CLS, conditional loading of CSSCSS CSS is a design language used to control the appearance and formatting of a website. It's used to define colors, typography, layout, and other visual aspects. CSS is either inserted directly into the HTML code or can be added as external .css files referenced by the HTML code./JSJS JavaScript, abbreviated as "JS," is a programming language used to create interactivity on websites. It allows you to add elements like animations, dynamic forms, and real-time updates without needing to reload the page. JavaScript, like CSS, can be inserted directly into the HTML code or can be added as external .js files referenced by the HTML code., preloading the correct LCP, and much more.


We’ll send you a full PDF report every month with all the tasks that have been carried out on your website to keep you informed of what your website is going through.

Ongoing optimization

Add any plugin, theme, or feature to your website without worry. We’ll make sure your site stays at its top speed by configuring it properly, using third-party optimization tools and even suggesting code enhancements to the author. Alternatively, we’ll advise or replace it with more efficient options.

Performance consultancy

Direct line to our WordPress performance specialists, who will always be at your disposal if you have any questions about improving the performance of the website and/or want to understand how the website is optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Proactive Optimization and a one-time Complete Speed Optimization?

The Complete Speed Optimization is a one-time service, designed to maximize the speed of your WordPress website in its current state.

The Proactive Optimization includes the Complete Speed Optimization, while also continuously adapting to changes that impact your website’s performance. This includes monitoring and adjusting the optimization strategy for new plugins and features that are added to the website, design updates, and changes in search engine algorithms. Additionally, the Proactive Optimization includes ongoing consultation from a WordPress optimization expert.

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

Sure! Just take into account that there’s a minimum contract term of 3 months.

Do you accept e-commerce or other big websites?

Yes. We don’t think you should pay more because you have a certain type of business (except in extreme and edge cases, see Terms and Conditions).

Will my website get an A or 100 after you take care of all the tasks?

GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and similar tools evaluate different aspects of a website beyond mere loading speed. Achieving a high score is complex due to the multitude of influencing factors, making it impossible to guarantee a specific score. However, a perfect score isn’t mandatory for meeting the Core Web Vitals standards or having a blazing-fast website; the primary goal is to optimize your site for quick loading and passing the Core Web Vitals. In any case, don’t worry, our efforts are usually correlated with improving these scores as well!

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We’ll be more than happy to take care of your website for you. You are also welcome to ask any question you want, we are here to clear up your doubts.