How fast is your website?
Let’s find out together.

How fast is your website?
Let’s find out together.

Website Speed-Up Audit

Do you want your WordPress website to load faster and rank higher on Google and you want to do it yourself? If so, you need a Website Speed-Up Audit. This is a one-time service where you can purchase it and receive a detailed report built by WordPress experts with everything you need to know to speed up your website. The report will tell you what’s slowing down your site, how to fix it, and what tools to use. The best part is that the report is easy to understand even for a non-technical person, unlike the advice given in speed testers.

3 how-tos created just for you

All audit results are documented in 3 separate reports created for you based on the issues found on your website.

1. Website report
More than 20 aspects checked: images, theme, hostingHosting Hosting is the service that allows you to store your website online so that others can access it. It's like renting a space on the internet to make your site available 24/7., cache, internal and external resources, and much more.

2. Plugins report
We review all the installed plugins and give you tips and advice on what to do with them.

3. DatabaseDatabase A database is a structured system for storing and managing information. In the context of WordPress, the database stores all site data, such as content, settings, and users. WordPress typically uses MySQL or MariaDB. report
We inspect the database and tell you how to clean and optimize it.

1:1 with a WordPress specialist

Remember that time when you tried to make your website load faster, but gave up after you installed some plugins and it made everything worse? You will not be alone anymore, because we will be in close contact with you and will personally inspect your website.

No downtime, no risks. We will find the problems that are responsible for the low speed of your website and tell you how to fix them, and we will answer any questions you may have post-audit.

Not only that, but we are also 100% honest and transparent. Nowadays, the internet is full of affiliates who recommend whoever pays them more. Not us!

Standard Audit

99 €

WordPress speed expert analysis of website, plugins and database

Prioritization of the issues from highest to least-concern

Clear explanation and suggestions on how to solve the issues

One-on-one support

Delivery in 14 days

ⓘ You’ll be redirected to the payment page

Express Audit

139 €

WordPress speed expert analysis of website, plugins and database

Prioritization of the issues from highest to least-concern

Clear explanation and suggestions on how to solve the issues

One-on-one support

Delivery in 3 business days

You’ll be redirected to the payment page

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your reports better than others?

Nowadays, if you want to know how to optimize your website, you will find either unreliable and unverified information, biased/paid advice or complicated reports and guides. At Accelera, we meet all three criteria: experience, honesty and simplicity. In other words, you get trust and knowledge.

How long will it take you to complete the audit?

Maximum 14 natural days, although you have the option to get it in 3 business days for an additional fee.

Will my website get an A or 100 after I take care of all the tasks?

GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights and similar tools evaluate different aspects of your website, not just its loading speed. This means that even if your website loads quickly, you may not get a high score due to other factors. That’s why we can’t promise a specific score, because these metrics are very complex and can be influenced by many different factors.

However, it’s not always necessary to achieve a perfect score to meet the Core Web Vitals requirements. Our main focus is on optimizing your website to ensure it loads as quickly as possible.

I bought the Website Speed-Up Audit, but I want you to implement all the recommended changes. How much does the implementation cost?

The amount of work varies from website to website, so we cannot tell you this price in advance. Once the audit is complete, we can provide you with a quote for optimizing your website for you.

How do I pay?

You can find the payment pages above, where you can use your credit card to pay securely.

What do you need from me to get started with the Website Speed-Up Audit?

Once you purchase the audit, you will be redirected to a form to fill out about your website. Once this form is complete, we will instruct you to install a plugin we have developed and email us the results. That’s it!

In some (rare) cases, we will also ask you for admin access to your WordPress website.

What is the difference between the Website Speed-Up Audit and GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights or any other website performance tool?

We are a team of WordPress experts specialized in WordPress speed optimization that audits your website. We are here to answer your questions and advise you on how to solve the problems we find.

GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights are tools that generate an automatic report without telling you how to understand and fix the problems found. We are here for you to make sure you understand the problems with your website speed.

In short, we are human!

Can you just help me fix a problem, issue or bug on my website?

Yes, of course. Here you have all the information.

After I receive the audit reports, can I only do part of the tasks and ask you to do the rest?

Sure, you should only take on the tasks from the Website Speed-Up Audit that you feel comfortable with. After that, you can simply let us know which tasks you would like us to do for you, and we will be happy to help you for an additional fee.

Can I see a sample of the Website Speed-Up Audit reports?

Of course, here you can download a real report from a client of Accelera so you can see what they look like:

1. Website report 
2. Plugins report
3. Database report

Any other questions?

Want to learn more about how to speed up your site? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!