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Transforming Your Website’s Speed

Boost your WordPress site’s speed with Accelera! Our helpful Website Speed-Up Audit pinpoint issues and our Complete Speed Optimization service simplifies the fix—no tech expertise needed. Experience swift load times and improved engagement. Unlock the true potential of your website today!


Tired of lies and biased advice? We want you to use the real best.


Whatever needs attention will get it, no matter how hard it is.


Simple and easy, no need for long-winded explanations.


We hate wasting time and we know yours is the most important.


The best solutions for our clients

Autoptimize Expert Configuration

Let the Autoptimize specialists take care

Installation and expert configuration of Autoptimize

Critical CSS configuration (subscription required)

Unused CSS removal configuration (subscription required)

Suggestions on how to further improve the speed

Website Speed-Up Audit

Get a useful and honest report tailored to your site


WordPress speed expert analysis of website, plugins and database

Prioritization of the issues from highest to least-concern

Clear explanation and suggestions on how to solve the issues

One-on-one support

Complete Speed Optimization

Relax knowing your site is handled by experts

Diagnosis of slow loading speed and professional speed-testing

Full website optimization: theme, database, assets, hosting, CDN…

Plugin assessment and optimal configuration

Migration to a top-performant web hosting (if needed)

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What our clients say

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Tony Larsson

The Accelera team knows what they’re doing. I bought the audit first and got a thorough report stating all the issues and recommendations on addressing them.

I decided to hire Accelera to execute the optimization for us and WOW! Their work was very professionally done. They are the rock stars of performance optimization.

I would recommend anyone and everyone to hire them. Even if you consider yourself skilled, this is the next level.

Thank you guys!

Laura Pérez

Really worth it! The speed analysis they provide is nothing like what the free tools online give you. Accelera reports give you a full strategy and explanations (seriously I got over 20 pages of reports) on how to make your specific website faster. This is really useful because I previously hired 2 different people for “speed optimization” who did almost nothing and I had no idea what I was being changed for. I already implemented some of the recommendations of Accelera and saw improvement! They also offer doing the actual optimization for you which I might use now that I know it works. Gerard who was giving the information and answering my questions was great!! 🙂

Igor Murashev

Wow, these guys are amazing! I’m blown away by the incredible job they did in optimizing our WordPress site for lightning-fast speed.

There are a ton of options out there, but Gerard is hands down one of the best specialists in the industry. His dedication, positive attitude, and professionalism are simply outstanding. I can’t believe how much time he spent working on our outdated site, but it was all worth it in the end – the results are truly impressive!

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